Access Control Direct offers a unique solution to the control of access within any environment.

Access Control Direct believes that a solution to an access problem should be kept simple and tailored to a customers need.

  • Contactless release of locking mechanism
  • One Tag opens all assigned doors allowing easy configuration of different access rights to groups or individuals
  • Allows simple access control of visitors, employees and the general public throughout a site
  • A simple operation removes access rights from a tag if an employee leaves with it or loses it
  • No numbers to remember
  • Simple to set up and change configuration as required
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to expand access control system if requirements change
  • No multiple keys or numbers required
  • Vandal proof
  • Extremely fast lock release

In addition to Proximity Access Control, we are also specialists in Biometric Systems, CCTV Installations, GSM (mobile phone) solutions and energy saving installations.

Access Control Key Fobs
Access Control Touch To Exit Sensor
  • The tag can be carried on a keyring
  • The tag transmits its code to the receiver
  • The receiver sends a signal to unlock the door
  • Keyless convenience from Access Control Direct