Typical Access Control Installations

Schools – control of all entry and exit doors to the buildings as well as IT suites, sports equipment, science labs and other areas where high value or sensitive equipment is held. Meets all the OFSTED requirements relating to the control of visitors to site

Offices – provides visitor control. Passes can be issued to visitors which provide access to specific areas. These are then cancelled at the end of the day so future unauthorised visits are restricted. It can also be used for staff time and attendance and restriction of sensitive areas. System can be managed from a remote site

Parks and Gardens – remote gates can be updated with member status so access is denied to unauthorised people. No copy keys going around and when subscriptions are in arrears it is easy to restrict access until the account is brought up to date. Speak to us about how the self financing of these projects can work for you

Golf and Leisure Clubs – move away from key pads whose numbers never change. Introduce the additional control of photo ID when a member enters. This deters membership abuse. Manage access for members who are in arrears. Can be structured so the installation is self financing for your club

Special Schools – By simply installing Reader both sides of the door, the control of pupils leaving site can easily be managed

Bail Hostels – Managing changing room occupancy, together with controlling shared areas and staff areas is all simply managed via a user friendly Windows interface

Police – Control of areas open to the public and managing a layered authorisation level can be simply managed by the system administrator, encompassing changes in the required configuration.

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