Access Control System Benefits

Making life easy with Access Control DIRECT

- Total control over who has access to a site

- Lost Tags can be simply deleted from the system – no costly lock replacements

- Tags can be issued for temporary use

- The usage of Tags can be restricted to certain times and certain days of the week.

- Staff turnover is simply managed

Contactless door release–No Numbers to recall–No keys to manage

The key features of the systems are:

The networked access system will allow all access rights on all doors to be controlled via a PC.

The PC can be a single PC or any PC on the local network network.

A PC can control a remote site via the internet via broadband connections or utilising GSM connectivity.

The Administrator has the facility to add further Tags as required.

The Administrator can delete a Tag’s authorisation if Tags are lost, misplaced, or if required for any other reason.

Access rights assigned to a Tag can be controlled, including:
Which doors can be accessed.
At what times and on what days access is authorised
Defining an end date up to which access is authorised
Doors can be “unlocked” for defined time periods to allow free access

Readers have an LED light and an audible “beep”.

Live monitoring of Tag usage via a PC, including Photo ID of user.
All tag usage will be logged and will be available in user definable reports.

Fire roll call can be achieved utilising paired readers for entry and exit.

The system can be simply expanded after initial installation.

Contactless door release–No Numbers to recall–No keys to manage

Additional Information for Installers

As a system installer, we have installed a wide variety of systems, we understand that time on site is a key element in building a quotation.

With an Access Control DIRECT system installation time can be significantly reduced due to the following system benefits:

- A genuine four door controller is at the core of the installation reducing the number of mains interfaces.
- Our systems are frequently installed centrally in one area, only requiring one fused spur.
- The reader only requires 3 cores, reducing cable requirement and reducing connection time.
- Readers can be connected together at a door therefore only requiring one 3 core cable back to the controller (alarm cable is typically utilised).
- Up to 16 readers can be connected to a controller, they are assigned to outputs via the PC.
- Fail safe/Fail secure locks can be managed via the software.
- Reporting of all Tag usage is available in our standard software.

High Specification – Designed for Installers – Priced for System Specifiers – Easy to Use and Administer

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